Arthur Petrovski

Born in New-York, Arthur studied there to become a psychiatrist. From humble extraction, he had to work his way up, and the only one to believe in his talents during his college years was his best friend, Ricky Fox. After several years of hard work, the son of a Russian immigrant finally got his diploma.

He practiced for some time in New-York, when he treated Jodie Polis, a depressive patient that was dealing with the accidental death of her parents. Once she had beaten the depression and no longer required his services, he made her meet his friend Ricky and was happy to see them fall in love. One day, he got an offer he couldn’t refuse. He was ask to come to a small city: Greenhearth, Oregon, to take care of a handful of people, but afflicted by unique mental conditions. Curiosity got the best of him and he accepted this offer.

Greenhearth was a splendid little town in the middle of a natural reserve. He had a pleasant life and perfect surroundings to take care of ten very strange patients.

And then, one day, the impossible happened. Arthur was found dead in his study….