Version 2.3 is available

Version 2.3 is now available on the App Store!

This patch is a complete overhaul of Episode 1: Greenhearth. We’ve added several new scenes to the game and completely redesigned the experience so that it plays more like later episodes.

This update also crunches several bugs and provides game play improvements (for example, you can now move the dialogs forward by tapping the lower half of the screen rather than on the text itself).

We believe it’s the best time to come and try our interactive novel, or take a second look at it if you’re already played in the past.

If you like the game, please consider leaving us a review on the App Store, you can’t imagine how much it helps!

Frederic “Ekmule”, our writer, has presented the game last week at the Toulouse Game Show. He was interviewed by Game In The Pocket. You can hear the interview here (in French).